The Sun will shine in our lives

After the storm, there is a calm season. The air is cleaner, and the dead trees are uprooted. Then, we know that the storm was not so bad. While we are in the storm, we tend to worry about the outcome.  If our foundation is strong, the houses of our lives will stand through any storm that comes our way. How is our foundation? That is the question. What are feeding ourselves? Are we feeding ourselves greed, anger, and discomfort? Things like that destroy from the inside out. How do we talk to ourselves? Do we put ourselves down? The world says too many bad thing about us, so we should speak live to ourselves. Our words become thought, and our thought become action. Let speak life over our lives. While other house are destroyed, our houses can stand in our so called hard times.

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Use what we have

We may not be able to do things in the way others do them. We can do it in our way and the job gets done. We have use what we have to do the job. We may need to use other things that are not use to the job to get it done. We can adapt to any situation we face in our lives if we would only use what we have in our hands. It may be small or great, but it helps get the job done. Let’s use what is in our hands

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Don’t listen to the nay sayer

We all have someone in our lives that tells us to sit down and stop trying. They might say that we can not do that thing that we are trying to do. I know for myself if I had of listened to them I would not be where I am today. We have know, know, and know that we still can try. If make it or not, we tried to do it. We may come closer than we thought we would have come. There is a song “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around.” This should be our theme song for our lives. We all have storms in our lives and thw question is can make it through them.

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Encourage yourself

What do we do when others say we can’t or there is no way we are going to make? Do we lay down and die? Do we look within ourselves and still try. If no one else believe in us, it should be us see ourselves winning in the end. If we do this, we will win or come close to reaching the goal. In trying to reach that goal, we learn something new about ourselves that will help to be successful the next time we try. Even in defeat, we still win. Do we expect to win or lose? that is the quesion. We must break out of the egg of our so called hard times.

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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Sometimes we can see a book, think that it is no good. It is not until we read the book, that we see if we like the book. We are the same way. When people look at us for the first time, they judge us by how we talk, walk, and live. How do we feel when people don’t take the time to get know us and judge us. The next time we see someone who is different  let take the time to get to know them. We may be strange to others. Talk and walk to get to know us and read the book of our life. If we take the time to think about that, we find the gifts that others have to share with us.


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What kind of appliance are we

What kind of appliance are we? Are we a stove of frig? Do we stir up trouble, or do we bring peace with everyhere we go. The frig allows the food stay a bit long and has two section. One section for the food the does not get cold and where the food needs to be frozen to save it. Image result for stoves

What is the house of our lives made of?

The story of the three little pigs. One pig built his home out of straw, the other one used wood, finally the third one used brick.  The Big Bad Wolf came to blow their homes down. The Big Bad Wolf could blow down the first two homes. The third home made of bricks he could not blow down. Is the hous of our lives straw, wood ,or brick? Just a question we need to ask ourselves. It took some time to build the home made of bricks, but in the end that home stood the test of the Big Bad Wolf’s wind. There is going to be a Big Bad Wolf to come in our lives for sure. Are we ready? that is the question!!!!

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Being successful in our lives

How do we win this race called life? Is it one who is strongest or the fastest who wins the race? Do you remember the story of the rabbit and the turtle? Who won the races, and how did he do it? The turtle went at a  steady pace and stayed on the path. If we stay on the path and go at a steady pace we will win on this raod called life. We should let nothing, on one, or anything get us off the path that we are on. We are successful when we don’t look to the left or to the right but when we keep our eyes on the prize. We have to put some work in the winning the race.  Some of us go to school and study, work hard, anf take test to pass. Life is the same way. We have life lessons that we must go through until we pass them. We have Power inside of us to pass the test that ciomes our way for sure. Just use it. True success is us living our lives and making it through so called good and bad times and coming out ok.

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Our so called hard times make us stronger

A caterpillar in it’s cocoon will not have the power to fly if it does not push it’d way out. If we help the caterpillar to get out, its will not fly. Well we are to same way. Our test and trials make a lot strong to deal the things that comes our way in our life time. We are fly through the storms or fly above the storms the come our way. Embrace the struggle knowing that in the end we will be the victors.


The Power is inside of us

My favorite movie is “The Last Dragon.” In the movie Bruce Leroy finds out that the Power to reach the top level was inside of him all the time. He tried looking everywhere before he looked inside of himself. Everybody saw it in him but himself.  It was under pressure that he realized that he had the Power. We are the same way, we look to other sources, people, places, and things when we have everything we need to overcome or break down that wall that is before us. Let’s use the Power inside of us all!!!!!

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