Staying power inside of you

Do we have that staying power inside of us to make it through the so called hard times in out lives? We are going to have so called hard time to come in our lives to distract us from our goal. Can we stay focused on the goal at hand in our lives? Will we let life so called problems side track us? I say no and will not let anything stop me from reaching the goal at hand. Anything worth getting always is a struggle to get it. If the staying power is inside of and we use it. We may to overcome on the first try. We will get there in due time. The song say I will get there, I will get there somehow cross that river, nothing stopping me now. We must have this attitude to be overcomers in our lives. We will get to where we are going in our lives for sure if we have the right attitude and see thing how they can be instead of how there are.

Stay under the umbrella

When it is raining, some of us use a rain coat or an umbrella. What do we when the rain comes in our lives? Do we use the protection that we have in our hands? We have everything we need inside of us to break the walls in our lives. We are rain protected if we know it or not. When I was riding motorcycle, I had to buy a rain suit to protect myself. Without that rain suit, I was soak and wet when I got home. The rain is going to come in our lives. Are we prepared for the rain because we know it coming? We must do something we don’t want to be under that umbrella. Under the umbrella is a small place and we can not move around a lot. We must hold the umbrella to be under. We must take ownership of our live that is holding the umbrella. If we do this, we can stand the rain because it is not going to last long. The sun will shine again in our lives for sure if we just stay under the umbrella while the rain in going on in our lives.

Be Bold

There are going to be times in our lives where is time for us to be bold. We are going to have things that will stand in our way. The question is do we let that stop us. Do we look within ourselves and reach down and pull up that Power inside of us to overcome? The thing that looks so big is really something small that had a big shadow. If we would only look a bit closer, we would see this and not let the shadow stop us from moving forward. Let’s be Bold and move forward.

Bloom where we planted

We need to bloom where we are planted. Some plants only grow well in certain areas. We are the same way. The place where we are at may be dry and where we don’t want to be. If we stay there and let the seeds of or action, words, and deeds be planted into someone life. We can plant seeds of joy, motivation, and other good things. Our troubles are not always for us but for others. When they see us go through and come out that thing, they just may see the power inside of themselves. If we try to go somewhere else we will face the same thing all over again. Let’s stay where we a planted.

keep moving towards the light

In our lives we are going to have things to try to stop us from reaching our goal. If we stop, we will not get where we trying to go. When we are in a dark place, we will reach the light after while. When we keep moving, we may or may not reach our goal. We will have made some progress to build on. We must usethe light inside of us to see our way through. A little light will allow us to see our way. If we use our little light, we just may make it to the The Light. The Light let’s us see past the so called dark times in our lives. In my life, I have had osme dark times and kept moving and sometimes made it and sometimes I did not. I have learn life lessons from each experience good and bad. The dark places in our lives teach to use our light inside of us and makes us a lot stronger. After we come through, we are able to deal with life so called troubles.

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What is our Foundation?

A house can anot stand the weather, wind, and sun without a strong foundation.The house will fall to those pest like ants and other animals also. The foundation must be where those critters can not get there. Our lives are the same way. Is our foundation built like a solid rock or sinking sand. When the storms of life come our way, are we able to stand? There are going to be some so calledd hard times in our lives. The question is can we stand through them. We must prepare for the storms that are going to come our way. We are either in a storm, going through a storm or coming out of a storm. This cycle goes on until there is no breath in our bodies. Let’s have a strong foundation attached to house of our lives.

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Tie a knot and hang on

There are times in our lives when we have to go through so called hard time. What do we do at those times? Do we give up? There are so times when we havee to have Faith to know that everything will work out when everything is going wrong in our lives. I use this picture to remind me of this. When I reach the end of my rope in my mind I tie a knot at the end and hold on for my life.  I may be blown every way. I may see tree flying by me. The storm will last always. If I can hold through the short storm, I will be ok.


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How strong are our roots

The palm treecan make through the storm. It may sway back and forth but that is all it does because its root system is strong. We can not see the roots, but they what allows it to make it through. It not what we see in ourselves but what we do not see examples (Joy, Peace, Patience, and Understanding) things like that allow us to make it through the storms that come in our lives. Have we taken the time to develop those things in our lives. That is the question!!!!! Let’s be like the palm tree and have a strong root system in our lives.

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encourage yourself

There are times in our lives when we will hear only negative voice. The question is what do we do in this case. Do we allow those voices to stop from moving forward? Do we move ahead know that we should still try even if we are successful or not. A lot of people have not tried to do som,ething because they had no support. I say of there a way I am going ahead. I had fail sometimes. Through that experience I learn something about myself. When I was successful, those were good times. Move ahead and try what is on your mind. That may be the very thing that you need in your life at that time. It may allow you to grow into the person that you are suppose to be or may bring your gifts out that where his to you.

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