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The Author

The author has gone through alot in his life and has overcame and is still going through life so call problems. He got sick as a small boy and was raised by a single mother. He has two strikes  against him. He is now working and living his life despite what others said about him. He did not give up!!. He would love to bring the “Don’t Give Up the Movement” to you and your area.

    Our Story

    What is your story? when we tell our story, we just may support someone esle who is going through so call hard times. We want to hear your story also.

    We would be glad to bring the “Don’t Give Up movement” to where you are.  The world needs to bring the light of this message to the world.




    Click on Don’t Give Up

    Where to buy the book

    Type in don’t give up by Travis Evans






    You can go to amazon and put the title and by Travis Evans to get this. https://www.amazon.com/Gods-Gold-Mine-Tried-fire/dp/B089CWQWHQ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=god%27s+goldmine+by+travis+evans&qid=1634653325&sr=8-1

    Don’t Give Up by Travis Evans

    God’s Gold Mine by Travis Evans

    On kindle at

    God’s God Mine by Travis Evans

    It is my hope that these book encourage everyone to not Give Up on their Hopes and Dreams