I would like to hear from you to see how you have overcame in your lives. We all can encourage each other. If you have ideas for a blog, let me know. We are here to support and give a little Hope and Joy!!!

Enjoy the rain

We can enjoy the rain that comes in our lives. The rain waters the roots of our lives, so we can take the pressure of the outside world. If a plant gets to much sunshine, it will burn up. If we have all good times in our lives, we will not be able to deal with life storms that are going to come our way. They maybe storms of money, health, or anything else. So-called-troubles sometimes come to make us stronger. It is all in how we see them. Do we se them as stumbling blocks or steppingstones. In the rainstorm, we find out new abilities and skills we have inside of us. Let go enjoy the rain win it comes in our lives. After the rainstorm, we will be a lot better if we see it in the right way!!!

Stay under the umbrella of Faith

In the last blog, we talked about enjoying the rain. What do we do when the rain is where we can’t deal with it? Our lives do have some hard rain and down pour. We lose our job, house, car, or a family member. We have more bills than money. We are homeless and can get no help in sight. Do we give up and stop trying to come up? Do we just lay down and let the truck run over us? I saw that is when we put up the umbrella of Faith. If we do this, we can have the power to overcome. Look at Tyler Perry. He was homeless and is now doing well. He was passing out flyers for people to come to his plays while homeless. He had that hope that never runs dry. He was under the umbrella of Faith. He stayed there and didn’t move even thought things got tough. What would happen if we where to stay there too? His success didn’t happen overnight. He went through hills and valleys. He made it. What if he would have given up would he be where he is today.

It is time to be repotted

When a plants roots get too big for the pot that it is in, it stops growing or dies. Some of lives are the same way. Some of us have outgrown the place where we are in our life. That why we can go nowhere, or nothing is working for us. That plant must be repotted to grow in the right way.  The repotting process is sometimes painful for the plant. The pot must be broken sometime to get the plant from the pot. The root are sometime attached to the old pot. We can be so attached to the old place until we don’t want to leave. We must leave to grow. We have to sometimes leave our comfort zone to reach our victory. Are we will to go to the next level that is the question?

How do we see the glass?

Our lives are glasses that are half-empty or half-full. It is all in how see our lives. What we think is who we are. If we think that we are nothing, we are nothing. In every life there are going to be some setbacks. Do let them stop for going forward? It is not how we start but how we finish. We can start out very, very bad but end up good. Do we learn from our life lesson how win? We can win in our lives. If we see the glass as half full, we have half to go to win. Most successful people have had some set back, but they overcame that time in their lives. There is a Power in us to overcome whatever we face. Do we use it?

Keep your legs moving

When a running back is running the ball in football as long as , he keep his legs moving he will mov forward. When his momentum and moving forward, he just may run over the defensive player. In our lives, we have large defensive players facing us. Defensive players like depression, despair, money troubles, emotional pain, and many others. That running back doesn’t give up until he gets that fist down. Do we have the same attitude as that running back in our lives? We can live lives that are filled with victory. We keep our legs moving by keeping the Faith and no giving up. Are we will to push through the pain?

Do we have the foundation of Hope?

When building a house, we first build the foundation to make sure the house is stable. A house with a weak foundation can’t stand when the storms come. It is going to break up and sometimes fall. HOPE means (Have an Optimistic Positive Eye). Hope doesn’t depend on what is going on around it. It stands like a palm tree. When the storm comes that tree bend right and left but does not become uprooted. When it sways back and forth it drop coconuts. The storm brings what we use to eat to the ground. Is our foundation of Hope strong or weak?  We need a strong foundation of Hope to make it in this life.

Don’t listen to the nay sayers!!

  • Have you had someone to say that you would never make it. What did you do? Did you believe them? Did their words effect your actions? The only opinion that counts is what you think of you. Who knows you better than you? Other don’t know what you can do. It may take some struggle to get there but you will. If you can believe it you can achieve it. It may not happen today, but it will happen for you. You may go farther than the person who is speaking against you. You may be the one to support them. Don’t let other put labels on you. Labels belong on jars and not on us. Keep trying we you have doubters.

Keep moving

When a car is going through a tunnel, if it stops it will never reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Our lives are the same way. If let experiences in life keep us from moving forward, we are done for. We will live a life is empty. We may have money, cars, houses, but are we happy with our lives. Do we let people, places, and things get in our way? Do allow them to keep us from our victory in our lives. The sports star miss ball and miss shots. They keep on trying. They have missed more than they have made. We remember the ball and shot they made. What if the where to let the misses keep them from trying? Would they be called great? No matter what happens in our lives let’s keep moving!!

Break the huddle

In a football game if they stay in the huddle and never play, they will lose the game. If they take to long it is called a delay of game.  We can take a lesson from this. Some of us spend a lot of time planning but never act on that plan. May if we put the plan in action, we would get somewhere. While playing the players are going to get hit and feel some pain. They will not win the game if they don’t go through this pain. In life, we are going to have pains and get hit emotionally, physically, and mentally. We must go through this pain to win in our lives. We need to  break the huddle and play the game  if we want to go anywhere.

Stay a bat

In a baseball game the pitch may throw any ball to you. It could be a knuckle ball, fast ball, or a slider. Sometimes the pitch tries to hit you to back you up from the base. The best hitters know how to deal with this situation. Life is like that too. We are at bat and sometimes we are going the strike out. We should not let this stop from going to the batter’s plate. We hit a home run. Have we practiced our hitting getting ready for the game? Let’s stay a bat. That is the only way we are going to get anywhere in our lives.

Learn from Life Lessons

When we were in school, we had test after being in class and have learned what the teacher had taught us. We had small test, pop quizzes, and final exams. Our passing the test was depended on us paying attention in class and sometimes taking notes. Life is going to give us life lessons also. The pop quizzes are the ones we should always be ready for. Has everything been going good in our lives, and something comes up to shake up our lives? Are we learning our lesson from these lessons? Life lesson does not pass us along. We must pass the test to move ahead. If we do not pass the test, we are going to go through that class again until we pass it. Life lesson comes by way of test, trials, and troubles. Some of us are adults and are still in high school in our lives. Let’s learn from Life Lessons.

What is our mindset?

        If you ask any successful people how they made it. They would say they did not let their mistakes or failures keep them from not trying. How did they be able to work past those tough spots in their lives. They had a mindset that said, “I am going to make no matter what comes my way.” This is  life is filled disappointment. What is our mindset when this happens? Look at LeBron James, Michael Jordon, and Dr J when they took shots, they knew that were going in the basket. They may have missed some shots. We the game was on the line; they were the go-to player. We should be the go-to player in our lives. Do we have a strong mindset to say that we are going to win!!!

Against All Odds

We must rise Against All Odds in our lives to win. There are going to be people, places, and things to come to stop us in our tracks. Anything worth getting does not come easy. We will appreciate it more when it comes that way. When overcome Against All Odds we discover new thing about ourselves. Let’s look at ourselves when we were younger. Are we the same people? The experiences have shaped us into the people that we are today. The good, bad and the ugly have worked in our lives. We made it Against All Odds no matter what we faced. Let’s make it Against All Odds.

Bounce back

When we throw a tennis ball to a wall, it bounces back to us. The harder we throw the harder it comes back. We can learn from this. The harder so-called-troubles comes our way we can bounce back even harder. Do we have that bounce back ability in our lives? That is how to live a successful life. A successful life is not having cars, houses, and money. It being able to bounce back from whatever comes our way. Do we let life s-called-trouble stop us from where we are going? We need to have that bounce back ability to make in life. Do we have? If not, we should get it.

You be the change

In our lives, we can be changing our tails. Sometimes we do the same thing expecting different results. If we go this way, we will never get to where we are going. We can sometimes change the situation and not the people. There are some people in our lives that will not change. Change will only happen if we be the change in our lives. If we change ourselves others may see our trying and join in. Our attitude can change our outlook on life. Sometimes that is all that is it takes to bring us to victory.

Battle tested

The test and trials in our lives make us battle tested. With each one that we face, we learn something new and new skills. These new skills prepare us for the next level. They build our muscles that will allow us to be able to deal with life’s so-called-troubles. The question is are we battle tested. We must be to deal with life and what it brings. Are we battled tested? If use the test to make us stronger, we will be battle tested.

Take the road less traveled

      Just because something works for the crowd does not mean that it will work for us. The majority is not always right. Sometimes our road is a lot different that the road others travel. By us doing what is best for us we can make our road easier. There will be some potholes, dips in the road and steel plates on our road. We are going on the road that is made for us to be successful.  The road less traveled is an uncharted road. We will find new abilities and skills about ourselves by traveling this road. This road may prepare us for something greater in our lives. It may be faster or slower to travel. We will get what we need by traveling this road.

Bloom where you are planted

Certain plants grow in certain areas. Some can not take extreme heat or cold. Some need a lot of sun light. Some don’t need a lot of sun light. Where the plant is planted is where is supposed to stay. Some of us are like these plants. We are planted where we will flourish and grow. The place where we are planted sometime is uncomfortable. Do we stay there no matter how it feels? Do leave the place we are meant to be? If we would stay in the ground that we are planted in, we just may produce the fruit that we are supposed to produce. That fruit can help us proper and feed others. Let’s stay where we are planted.

Failure is a chance to learn from

When we make mistakes, what do we do? Do we beat ourselves up? Do call ourselves names? What can we learn from this mistake that happen in our life? If we look at the event closely, we can see what we did wrong. We can see what really happen to have the occur in our lives. We may have been saved from so danger. It is called risk analysis in business. We need to take a risk analysis in our lives from time to time. If we do this, we have more success because we will be doing things in much better way. Let’s learn from our mistakes and failures!!

Do we have the Popeye mindset?

In the cartoon, Popeye took a whole lot of pain when the villain took his lady. He always had the spinach on him. He would wait until he could take no more. Then eat it and save his lady. Some of us are the same way. We can stop things before they get out of hand. Let’s nip things in the bud in our lives. We could save ourselves a lot of pain if we were to deal to so-called-trouble when or before it starts. Let’s be proactive in our lives. Let’s not be like Popeye.

The little engine that could lesson

In the children story “The little engine that could lesson,” this engine had this task to do. It started out doubting itself. It had to pull this heavy load up a hill. How could this little engine pull this heavy load up this big hill. The little engine talked to itself. It first said, “I think I can.” Then it said” I know I can.” The little engine delivered the load to where it needed to be. In our lives, we have load to carry that may seem to large or heavy for us to bare. Just like this engine made it so can we. We must do positive self-talk and try our best. We may not get there, but we will develop a Power to overcome in our lives. Let’s be like this little engine.

Little Miss Muffet

Are we like Little Miss Muffet? The nursery rhyme says that she when a small spider scared her away. Do let people, place, and thing keep us from our victory? She was a lot bigger than the spider. It could have been a spider that was harmless. Sometimes the things that are stopping us are so small. What do we have to fear? There is a Power inside of all of us to overcome anything that we face in our lives. Do we see it? Do let fear keep us from using it? If so, let’s begin to use that Power inside of us.  

What is our house built of?

The three little pigs is a story we can learn from. The first pig built his home out of straw. The wolf blown it down. The second pig built his home out of sticks. The wolf blow it down too. The third pig built his home out of brick. The wolf couldn’t blow it down. The first two houses didn’t take much time to build. The house of bricks took time to build. How much time do we spend building the homes of our lives? The wolf represents life test and trials that come our way. Is our house made of straw, sticks, or bricks? That is the big question. That is why many of are crushed by life so-called-troubles.

Take you own advice

We can give advice to others all day long. We tell others what to do all the time. Sometimes we don’t know what is really going on in the situation. The question is do we take our own advice. We can be more effective if we live the truth instead of talking about the truth. We sometimes don’t have to say a word but live it. It starts at home and home is us. When we are alright with ourselves, we can affect the world in positive way one person at a time. If would take our own advice, it may give us exactly what we need. Our advice is not for others but sometimes for us. Our advice sometimes hurt us when we apply it to ourselves. We need to take a good look at ourselves to grow into the people that we are supposed to be.

Are we eating junk food?

In our bodies, we must eat the right foods to have our bodies work properly. The junk food doesn’t give our bodies the nutritious that it needs. The junk food of the world can make the bodies of our lives sick or not work properly. The junk food taste good and is pleasurable. We get caught up in the trap that is set for us. The junk food has sugar and salt in it to make it appealing to us. The junk food of the world is reality shows and those things that cause us to be corrupt people. I am not saying that we should not watch it, but we should not watch it all the time. Some of the good foods don’t taste good and look strange. Some of the good foods for our bodies are not appealing but good for us. What kind of food are we feeding our bodies?

When you fall get back up

As babies when we were learning to walk, we fell down and got back up. We can learn a lesson from that. When life knocks us down, we can get back up again, In this life we are going to fall, that is a fact. The question is do we stay down when we fall. If boxers stays down, they will lose the boxing match. If we give up, we give out every time. It may be hard to get back up after a hard hit that knocks us down. We must have the attitude that nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goal. When the doctor said that I wouldn’t walk again. My mother fought for me. Then, I started fight. Today I am walking. I fought back through the pain of moving my legs. The pain was there, but I still went through the pain to get to victory. We are going to take some hard hits in this world. Do we let them stop us in our track? Do press on and go to victory?

The Little Red Riding Hood lesson

Do you remember the story of little red riding hood? Our lives can be the same way if we don’t pay attention. The wolf had been following her. We need to be aware of our surroundings. She saw the difference between the wolf and her grandma. She was just asking questions but didn’t run and go and get help. When she called help came. We shouldn’t wait until the wolf of the world is about eat us up. The wolf wanted the food grandma and red riding hood. The wolves of the world can steak our dreams, hopes, and visions. There may not be anyone there to come save us like the woodsman came and saves red riding hood.

The butterfly effect

When the caterpillar goes in its cocoon, it must fight to come out. If it doesn’t struggle, it won’t be able to fly. The pushing give butterfly that was a caterpillar the ability to fly. It we don’t have to go through hard times in our lives, we won’t be able to fly in our lives. Everything that we go through in our lives work towards our progress. It may seem bad now, but it will make us stronger and better people. We all have our own struggles in our lives. Are we willing to go through the pain to get to victory?

It’s not how we start but how we finish

At the start of any race each person starts out in the same way. When I was little, I would give others a head start and still win. I knew I could win. Even though they started before me, I had enough speed to catch up to them and win. It wasn’t how I started but how I ended the race. We mat start out in last place. This doesn’t mean that we are going to lose. The story of the tortoise and bunny. The bunny started out good but went to sleep and the tortoise won. The tortoise ran a steady race. If we run this race called life in a steady way, we just may win in our lives. It’s not the fastest or the best runner who win. It’s the one who run a well-planned race that wins.

Leave the side of the pool

When learning to swim, we must leave the side of the pool. We must be free to move about the pool to swim. Our lives are the same way. We must trust that we can swim with practice. We must sometimes leave our safety zone to go farther. Take a chance in life, and we just might get where we are trying to go. We must trust the fact that we can swim in the waters of life. The waters of life are sometimes calm and sometimes filled with danger. The first step is to learn how to swim in the pool. Then, we are ready for the seas of life. We learn that we can survive in the waters of life. It is a scary thing to let go of the side of the pool. We must trust our instructor also. If we learn how to swim, we can deal with the waters of life.

Tie a knot and hang on

When we get to the end of our ropes, tie a knot and hang on for dear life. We all have had and are having times when it seems like we are done for. If we just hang in there a little bit longer, we just may make through the so-called-trouble in our lives. Sometimes all we can do is just hang on. When our bills are more than our income, we can just hang on. Don’t let go of the rope. Sometimes that is the one thing that keeps living with hope in a hopeless situation. Can we endure the storm? Riding the storm is hanging on to that rope. We can make it through anything that comes our way.

A Great Power Source Where is our Power Source coming from? Is it coming from friends, family, cars, houses, or jobs? Those power source will give out from time to time. There is a Great Power inside of all of us to overcome. We must plug our cord of Faith into that Power. We shouldn’t let the dust of doubt disconnect us from this Power that we have. A little dust can mess up a connection. Let’s us the Power that inside of us to march on to Victory

Listen to the coach

There is a still small voice in all of that tells which way to go. The question is do we listen to it. Sometimes we are talking so much until that overshadows the still small voice. Sometimes the voices of family, friends, or anyone else can override that correct voice that is speaking to us. It instructions sometimes is strange and different. Do we listen at those times it tells us to do something we have never done before? Let’s listen to our body, mind, and soul. If we do, we could avoid some of the mistakes in our lives.

Spring Cleaning

We have to go through our closest every now and then to make room for new clothes. We have to give our homes a good cleaning sometimes. We go behind sofas and dressers to do better cleaning. Our lives are the same way. Sometimes we can keep going in our lives. As we are going, we may pick up some bad habits and mindset. We must take the time to stop and do self-evaluation of how things are going. Companies do to get the best productivity out of workers and the money. We are our own company. We must take a risk management of how we are living our lives. If we do this from time to time, we see a profit in our lives instead of a lose.

Keep chipping away

If we were to ask anyone who has been successful in life, they would say that it took time. They kept on chipping away at the wall or obstacle that was in their way. One day they broke through and the wall fell. In our lives, we are going to have wall that will be in our way. Do we say I am not going to try to move? Some walls are high and long. Do we have the attitude that it will come down in our lives? We may be chipping away for a long time and get tried. When we get tried, we should take rest. After that rest, get back to work. The wall will come down that is trying to hold us back!!!!!

It is process

It is going to take a little time for us to get to where we are going in our lives. Are we prepared for the trip? We make sure everything is packed for out trip.. When going on vacation, we book our transportation, lodging, and food for the time that we going to be gone. We can now even skip the process and skip some of the inspection steps. If we do this for our travel, why can’t we apply that same process to our lives. If we were to do the work before, our travels through life just might go smoother. Know that it may take a short or long time but keep pushing our way through life. We just may get there.

You are not an ugly duckling

In the story The Ugly Duckling, the bird thought it was ugly because it was brought up in the wrong environment. When it realized, it wasn’t duck is when it saw its self-worth. We must change we see ourselves. The bird saw it being different as something wrong when it was what made it special. The one thing we see as our flaw could be the one thing that makes us shine.

Use Failure as a Steppingstone

We sometimes see our mistakes or failures as a bad thing. They tell us how to things in the correct way. We should use them as steppingstones. When we go down the wrong road, we should board that road up never to be gone down again. Let’s not let them be stumbling blocks in our lives. Let’s get up dust ourselves off and get on the right track and move forward. Our mistakes or failures don’t hold us back but push us forward if we see them in right way.

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