Being successful in our lives

How do we win this race called life? Is it one who is strongest or the fastest who wins the race? Do you remember the story of the rabbit and the turtle? Who won the races, and how did he do it? The turtle went at a  steady pace and stayed on the path. If we stay on the path and go at a steady pace we will win on this raod called life. We should let nothing, on one, or anything get us off the path that we are on. We are successful when we don’t look to the left or to the right but when we keep our eyes on the prize. We have to put some work in the winning the race.  Some of us go to school and study, work hard, anf take test to pass. Life is the same way. We have life lessons that we must go through until we pass them. We have Power inside of us to pass the test that ciomes our way for sure. Just use it. True success is us living our lives and making it through so called good and bad times and coming out ok.

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Our so called hard times make us stronger

A caterpillar in it’s cocoon will not have the power to fly if it does not push it’d way out. If we help the caterpillar to get out, its will not fly. Well we are to same way. Our test and trials make a lot strong to deal the things that comes our way in our life time. We are fly through the storms or fly above the storms the come our way. Embrace the struggle knowing that in the end we will be the victors.


The Power is inside of us

My favorite movie is “The Last Dragon.” In the movie Bruce Leroy finds out that the Power to reach the top level was inside of him all the time. He tried looking everywhere before he looked inside of himself. Everybody saw it in him but himself.  It was under pressure that he realized that he had the Power. We are the same way, we look to other sources, people, places, and things when we have everything we need to overcome or break down that wall that is before us. Let’s use the Power inside of us all!!!!!

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Seed planters

We are seed planters and we do it by our actions. When a seed is planted, a crop comes up. Are we planting good seeds or bad seeds? That is the question. What we plant comes back to us two times over. An open hand can receive and obtain gifts, but a closed hand can receive nothing. Every plant has seeds in it.  Image result for farmer planting seeds Are we keeping them to ourselves? When others see us fight through our so called hard times, they may just want to have the attitude of “Don’t Give Up” like us.


Enjoy the rain

If a flower gets sun all the time, it will burn up and die, and the flower must get some rain to grow. The sunshine is the good times in our lives, and the rain is the so called hard times. The rain make the soil loose so the root can grow deeper in the ground. Our lives are the same way, sometimes some hard wind comes with the rain. In the end, the crop is grown in the correct way, with it getting everything it need s to grow.  Do not ask why me, whenImage result for a grape vine in the rain so called hard times come ask why not me!!!!!



PUSH (Pray and Praise Until Something Happens), when life gives us lemon, we should make lemonade.  We have the Power to turn our negative into a positive. It make take some hard lifting and going some storms in our lives. We should know that the ship of our lives can stand the wind, rain, and waves that come our way. We become battle tested after the storm and are a lot more Powerful. We have to use the skills that we did not know we have in the process of going through the so called hard time. This gives up the skills to support others who are going through so called hard times in there lives. We go through our so called hard times for others and not for ourselves.  Others seeing us going through so called hard times may ask us how did we come through?That is our chance to share our experience with the world.

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We are gold

Gold is mined and dug out of caves, got out of water, and found in sand. We all come from different paths in our lives, but are all important. That same gold comes from different areas. We are God’s Gold mine and are suppose to shine for the world to see. The gold mine found brings others to the mine to mine for gold. When others see us shining, they just may want to come be in God mine where gold is mined and dug out of caves, got out of water, and found in sand. We all come from different paths in our lives, but are all important.

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Who is our rock?

In John 16:33

Is God our rock?
New International Version (NIV) John 16:33
33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
We are going to have some so called bad times. It is all in how we see the situtaion. Do we know that we are going to make it no matter what we face in our lives? Do we have the faith to know that everything is going to work out no matter how it looks, and feels? When Jesus was on the cross, He knew that He would get up on the third day. Jesus went through all that pain, knowing that God would bring Him out. Do we have that same faith in God? Jesus spent time with God, so therefore, He knew God and what God could do for Him. Jesus was not worried or had fear because God the Father was His rock. Who is our rock? If it is not God, we are not stable in our lives.

Fly high in sky

We are Eagles, flying high in the sky. Those bird fly above the storm when it come to them. God has put His Spirit and Power in us to be victors. Their wing spand is large and can soar in the air. If we only we would spread our wings and soar, we would find that we are overcomers. There was this eagle that we raised among pigeons; because of this he stayed on the ground with them. One day he realized that he was different , stronger and could fly longer.  That eagle left them and started to fly and found other eagles like him and joined them. Once we know who we are, we can live our lives in the way that we are suppose too in victory!!!!


We have a voice too

Sometimes we look at people and pre-judge them. We people look at people with disabilities, they sometimmes feel sorry for us. They sometimes treat us like we don’t count. God made all of us, and He did not make any junk. We have a voice too. We have had to go through a lot and are still standing strong. We go through life with pain and still make it everyday. If we Don’t Give Up, why should you? We have a hard time finding housing and jobs. I was looking for eight years before I found a job. If I had given up, I would not have my job now. There was times when it was hard, but I tied a knot and hung on through the storms of life. Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give Up.  The Power is inside of all of us to overcome anything that comes our way.

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