Speaker Bio

Travis Evans

Winston Salem, NC


Travis Evans has overcome a lot of obstacles in his life since the age of 11 years old. He tried to give up, but there is a fire inside of him that would not go out. He was told that he was not going to be able to walk and that was not intelligent.  He says (PUSH) Praise Until Something Happens. He almost gave up on that. It came through because he didn’t give up. He is now moving on to the next level in his life knowing that he will make it.
He is also the author of the book “Don’t Give Up” a story about his life and what he went through and how he overcame and is still overcoming today. He is also the author of a second book called “God’s Gold Mine and on Kindle “God’s God Mine.” He also has a podcast called the “Don’t Give Up Hour.”
We want you to know that it is not over in your life. There is still hope. We are here to be your support through the hard times that life throws at us. You can make it through the storms of life. It might get tight and hard, if you just hold, you can make it with support while going through the storm. You are like a palm tree. It moves back and forth, but it is strong to survive the storm.
Past speaking engagements
• Dekalb County Elementary School on Don’t Give Up (Sept 13, 2014)
• How to speak up for yourself (Aug 15, 2015) People First of Georgia Conference
• How to exercise at home (Jan 27, 2015) Winter Institute Conference
• How to live in a negative world (Jan 28, 2016) People First of Georgia Board Meeting
• How to be a Leader (Feb 24, 2016) National Council Independent Living Conference
• What it takes to overcome life (Mar. 30, 2016) Winter Institute Conference
• Turn Fear into Faith (April 24, 2016) Development Studies at Georgia State University
• Don’t listen to the naysayer (June 14, 2016) Behavioral Health & Development Board
Becoming a butterfly – In my times of loneliness, I was always wondering why I was going through those times in my life. I found out in those times I was just like the caterpillar who spends time in the coon, so it can develop into a butterfly. The fact is true if we help the butterfly to get out, it will not have the power to fly. That is just like us. In our times of isolation, we are getting to know ourselves and how to figure things out in our lives. We will never fly in our lives without having the struggle to come out of the coon.
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